About Me

Giuliana De Novellis


I came late to artistic practice and am largely self taught. After a career in communication I decided to give myself the opportunity to develop my art.

Although I have drawn and painted for most of my adult life, spending several years attending atelier training with a Dutch fine artist and teacher helped to hone my painting technique and compositional skills.

Realist painting in oils was my first love and its distinctive forms, clarity and discipline still hold a special place in my heart. By contrast, my fluid paintings are equivocal, intuitive and responsive.


Literally everything inspires my work: my surroundings and memories; my sense of the spiritual; words in the shape of myths, poems and stories; current events, other artists both living and dead, my family and friends. My painting is heavily influenced by the water and countryside of the Netherlands where I live and of the United Kingdom where I was born.
Giuliana De Novellis